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    I am an independent product promoter of Best Life International (pvt) Ltd.Being of sound mind and able to understand the contents hereof and do hereby voluntarily declare and affirm that as

  1. I am over Eighteen(18) years of age.

  2. I have applied to become a product promoter of Best Life International(pvt)Ltd.

  3. I state that as long as I am product promoter of Best Life International(pvt)Ltd, I shall comply with all the existing and future policies, procedures,regulation,requirements and business programs which are to be introduced or be amended from time to time by Best Life International(pvt)Ltd.

  4. I state I shall fill or submit accounts regarding all my earnings from my product promotion of Best Life International(pvt)Ltd, to the Inland Revenue department or any other body authorized in that regard and pay all taxes and levies without any default.

  5. I state that I understand that I am independent contractor and not employee or agent of Best Life International(pvt)Ltd. And I am not authorized to act or represent Best Life Inernational(pvt)Ltd, or any of its affiliates,shareholders,officers,directors or employees in any way for my activities.

  6. I state that I do hereby undertake not to use the trade name,trademark,Logo or service marks of the Best Life International(pvt)Ltd trade name,trademarks or service mark in any from without prior written consent by Best Life International(pvt)Ltd.

  7. I state that I do hereby undertake not to make any statement,representation or opinions discouraging any prospective product promoters of Best Life International(pvt)Ltd.

  8. I state that will not from any personal business other than, Best Life Business.And further move I will not state to any prospective product promoter any business other than, Best Life business.And only be earned from Best Life International(pvt)Ltd.

  9. I state that I will not use any other sales aides or promote any promotional materials other than those supplied by Best Life International(pvt) Ltd.I shall not alter any product contentsor packaging without the written consent by Best Life International(pvt)Ltd.

  10. I will describe and promote the product of Best life International(pvt)Ltd, honestly,responsibly and in detail. I will not make any misrepresentations or false claims concerning any Best life International(pvt)Ltd,products.And I will futher emphasize Best Life International (pvt)Ltd,commitment to Quality control of products.

  11. I do hereby agree and understand that if I breach any of the terms and conditions contained in these document presented, or engage in any conduct which may bring dispute upon Best Life International(pvt)Ltd, or which is in violation of any goverment laws,regulation or ordinance, or if violate any policies or procedures of Best Life International(pvt)Ltd, may be subjected to the rights of Best Life International(pvt)Ltd,to the cancellation of my membership as product promoter of Best Life International(pvt)Ltd,at any time.

  12. I acknowledge and obliged to familiarize myself with the contents in the given Best Life business manual and all other documents constituting the agreement from time to time, and shall conform that I read and understand the contents of this manual and the product promoter Agreement, upon request by Best Life International(pvt)Ltd.

  13. I will always use the guidelines submitted by Best Life International(pvt)Ltd, when making the sales or demostrations or when introducing or promoting product for new people.

  14. I state hereby that, I am fully aware that, if any Best Life products are been sold to the customers from the society, in any unlawful; or promoting product for new people.

  15. I state that I am not a member or product promoter of another business, which may be similar to the business principals carried on by Best Life International(pvt)Ltd. And I will not join in any such business as long as I am acting as a product promoter in Best Life International(pvt)Ltd.

  16. I confirm that I am not a member or product promoter, of any illegal pyramid schemes or illegal business marketing schemes and I will not join any such illegal schemes.

  17. I state that, unless if I am not confirmed by a qualified medical practitioner, or not process a registration certificate from the Sri Lanka Medical Association or from the Sri Lanka Medical Counsil, I wll not represent as a qualified medical practitioner or as a doctor to the general public.

  18. I state I will not raise funds when working as a product promoter in any inappropriate or in any circumstances, in the nam e of Best Life International(pvt)Ltd, from the general public.

  19. I state I will not operate anymedical centers,clinic or health centers without the guidance,assistance and strict supervision,approval by a qualified doctors in the Sri Lanka Medical Association or from Sri Lanka Medical Council and I will obtain necessary registrations from the relevent departments to operate such centers.

  20. I hereby state that I am aware my product promoter ID will be cancelled, if I am unable to attain for the training programe conducted by BestLife International(pvt) case I am unable to attain such programs, I hereby agree to inform the company with immediate effect.

  21. I state that I am fully aware that Best Life International(pvt)Ltd, reserves all rights to cancel my product promoter ID, if I am found guilty of violating this agreement or the existing agreement and future rules and regulation of Best Life International(pvt)Ltd.

  22.   I Agree to the Best Life International(pvt)Ltd Terms of Service and Privacy Policy